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Project Description


Terre Del Sole™ features the rich, warm colors found in natural high quality terracotta. Its shaded surface, smooth finish, and variation from tile to tile ensures its natural look and feel. Terre Del Sole™’s authentic, handmade look makes it a charming choice.

Terre Del Sole™ is available in two colors, Esterel and Monterey. Floor tile colors may be blended and installed on the floor to create a unique look.

Terre Del Sole™ also features a fashionable tumbled multicolor mosaic that can be used as a field tile or deco, or that can be cut and used as a listello. Individual 2″x 2″ pieces from the mosaic can be used as decorative dots for added style.

A glazed porcelain series, Terre Del Sole™ is suitable for residential as well as light commercial use.